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Personal Cellphone Signal Blocker Delivers Electronic TFSU

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fed up with clueless cellphone gabbing in public? Put an immediate stop to it with this Personal Cellphone Signal Blocker. Running on a portable battery that lasts three to four hours, this 6-ounce pocketable jammer (4"x1.85"x.71") disrupts signals from GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and 3G networks, and its manufacturer says it can do this miracle within a radius of...uh oh, get this: 2 to 40 feet.


Some people who've used the jammer say it works beautifully, while others are complaining they can't get it to work in the United States. We're thinking that it's of limited usefulness if it can only jam signals within 2 feet, but 40 feet away is a whole different story.


But wait a sec, isn't this illegal? Probably, but not if you're the president. So W, if you're reading the Giz, you're in the clear. In some circumstances, the morality of jamming cellphone signals within a 40 foot range might be debatable. Even so, there's a train we ride from time to time that could sure use a dose of this jamming, all the way from engine to caboose. If this signal blocker could just give us one sweet nap on the train, free of cellphone yelling, it would be well worth its $48.31 price. [Dealextreme]