Pet Care Robot Scares the Bejeezus Out of Fido While You're Away

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It can be tough to leave a pet at home, even for a quick trip. But what if you had a freaky robot to tend to your furry friend while you were away?

Quite similar to a WowWee Rovio, the Pet Care Robot (concept) is a Wi-Fi controlled bot that can serve as your remote eyes and ears from a web interface. But what's a bit different than a Rovio is that this robot allows you to play fetch through a remote controlled ball you can steer around the house—all while nurturing your animal through a built-in speaker in the robot's base.


Also of note, the Pet Care Robot has two large eyes that any dog will love to chew into a slobbery gum. (Those protective eyelids, though good in theory, are a lot less durable than rawhide, shoes or the rest of the items your pet will be munching on while you're away.)

Still, there are times I'd like to check in on my little hellcat when I'm out for an evening. And if I had a tool to torment her at the same time, all the better. [MintPass via Geeky Gadgets via DVICE]

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Why inventors like to give eyes to robots... robots don't need eyes.