Peter Capaldi Really Is A Pricklier Doctor In These Doctor Who Clips

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We haven't seen much of Peter Capaldi's Doctor in action yet, but if these snippets from the upcoming series of Doctor Who are any indication, he really will be a less warm and fuzzy Doctor, his curiosity tempered with a snarky edge.

It's a shame we can't quite hear all the lines in this segment from BBC News (for example, we can't make out what the Doctor says to Clara after she tells him that she doesn't know if he's a good man), but this exchange is particularly interesting:

"This is Clara. She's not my assistant—she's some other word."

"I'm his carer."

"Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don't have to."

It's an intriguing shift after Matt Smith's Doctor. The first episode the new series, "Deep Breath," just premiered in Cardiff, and the early reviews look good. Den of Geek says, "Capaldi comes across as quietly broken, and really quite mysterious. He is also, and no bones about this, very Scottish. He's also every bit as good and as interesting as you'd hope." And the Independent raves, "Everyone has their favourite Doctor and my hunch is that Capaldi will one day be viewed as the connoisseur's choice. He is mercurial, of course – that's in a Time Lord's DNA – but also fierce, snappily dressed and patriotically Scottish."


We're looking forward to seeing more of Capaldi when Doctor Who returns to television later this month.

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