Pez Dispensers With Your Own 3D-Printed Face on Top Are the Best Pez Dispensers

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You never knew it, but you want a Pez dispenser with your own head printed on top of it, just like the ones Hot Pop Factory, a 3D printed jewelry company, made for a client's employees. You know, what the hell!

The dispensers were created using doing scans of 32 people's heads on Xbox Kinect. Then they were 3D printed, and popped on the top of regular old Pez dispensers instead of the normal cartoon or comic book characters. Because Mickey Mouse? No. Kermit the Frog? Bo-ring! Fred Flinstone? F that noise. Human heads are where it's at for the classic candy collectible. And they're so creepy and so awesome. What person would pass on the opportunity to eat Pez from his own mouth? [HotPopFactory via GeekyGadgets via Dvice]