Phantom Lapboard to Haunt Alienware

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The Phantom Lapboard keyboard and mouse keeps coming back to haunt us, and now it's received a shot in the arm from Alienware, vowing to ship the input devices with its Media Center PCs. We've seen the Phantom before, first offered as wireless input devices for a hybrid PC console gaming system nearly 3 years ago.


But still, this might be a good keyboard/mouse combo for those smart folks who are bypassing physical media such as Blu-ray, HD DVD and DVDs, putting a PC in their home theaters and watching their movies via video files. With the Phantom's 2.4GHz RF wireless capability, that noisy PC can be 32 feet away, no Bluetooth required.

A revealing video and some mildly caustic commentary, after the jump.

Too bad there's no backlighting for the keyboard—a must in home theaters with projectors—and unless your home theater has armless chairs, a Bluetooth mouse would suffice. Anyway, it looks cool.

Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Laser Mouse Hands On [Slash Gear]


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