Philips In Touch Message Board Concept

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Leaving a note on the fridge is so 2004. Philips' In Touch message board concept makes family communications cold and impersonal, the way they were meant to be.

Each family member is represented on this huge LCD/mirror by a thumbnail. When you need to leave a message to your wife—please have dinner ready by the time I get home tonight, you ungrateful shrew—just touch her face and record a message. If you're not a fan of speaking to her even through a machine, you can use the stylus to write your message as well.


The In Touch will send your message to her cellphone via SMS or MMS, depending on what kind you left. That way there's no excuse for her not to have dinner ready.

Philips backgrounder on simplicity-led design [Philips via Oh Gizmo via Slashgear]