Philips READIUS E-Reader Scroll Prototype

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You've heard of e-ink devices, like the Sony Librie, or e-reader, or whatever. But you've never seen a real working prototype of an electronic reader based on a flexible e-paper, that rolls up like a scroll. And you've never seen a video of said device being explained by a Norwegian named Hans to an Austrailian guy named Max...Mad Max. Whatever, I don't care what his real name is. What we care about is the prototype's 5-inch screen that runs at 320 by 240 pixels. The screen, by E-Ink corporation, only uses power to change states, so battery life is measured in page turns. Vid, after the jump.


Philips READIUS [TechEBlog]


It's great to finally see a working prototype of thie "E-Paper" everybody's been making "Concepts" for. Now it's more then just "Oh if this technology existed we could do something cool with it!" This is pretty exciting, and i'm glad that they've got this done. They make a color version of this and give it some extra features, it'll make a killing.