Philips S660 Budget-Minded Music Cellphone

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So it looks like Philips is the latest company to jump into the music phone game with its S660. That said, Philips may be targeting a more budget-minded audience with this one given its fairly small feature set. Only coming with 128MB of storage, the S660 doesn't even offer a memory card slot, which is odd since many of its competitors do. It is dual band GSM (900 and 1800 MHz), though, so trips back and forth across the pond might be a little easier. The display is a little on the lame side as well, supporting only 65,000 colors and with a 128x128-pixel resolution.

Other than that, info on the S660's a little sketchy, but I'm sure Philips will push it like it's the coolest thing ever soon enough.

Ofici ln informace o nov m hudebn m Philipsu S660 (in Czech) [ via Slashphone]