Illustration for article titled Philips to Sell Magnavox and Philco Branded DTV Converters to Your Grandma

A few weeks ago, after reporting on the RCA and Zenith branded digital converter boxes approved by the FCC for analog-TV holdouts, I jokingly asked where the Magnavox DTV converter box was. Turns out, Philips will not only ship a Magnavox box eligible for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's $40 coupon at participating retailers, but it will also ship two boxes under the freaking Philco brand. I don't want to sound ageist, but the brand strategy seems like this: anyone under the age of 60 will buy a new TV, those 60 to 80 will buy Magnavox, and those holdouts 80 years of age or older who wishing to keep their old analog TV alive will have not one but two Philcos to choose from, just like back in 1953. [Philips]


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