LG's Zenith DTT900 Converter Competes with RCA for Grandma's $40 Coupon

Illustration for article titled LGs Zenith DTT900 Converter Competes with RCA for Grandmas $40 Coupon

Last night we showed you the finished look of the RCA DTA800, one of the "digital switchover" converter boxes your stubborn granny can buy early next year with her $40 coupon from the government, in lieu of getting a new goddamn TV. The CES folks have praised the other box too, a Zenith-branded DTT900 digital-to-analog converter box made and marketed by LG. Anyone who thinks we're being a little reductive take note of the old-people branding. RCA? Zenith? Where's the Philips-made Magnavox converter? That would complete the trio. [CES]


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I will be waiting to make my decision until one of the companies offers a converter box in the shape of a bowl to hold all my ribbon candy for my kids who never call or visit as much as they should. Really, would it kill them? My son, the big hotshot lawyer, too busy to call his own mother... and his wife, oy, don't get me started.