Philips Wants to Bring Cellphone TV to USA

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Bringing the idea of watching TV on your cellphone one step closer to these shores, Philips Electronics is working on a TV-on-cellular chipset which it plans to have available to us by sometime next year. Partnering up with Crown Castle Mobile Media, the company has acquired terrestrial rights to 5Mhz of L-band spectrum and plans on showing all this off at CES in January. European phones with a similar chipset are already being made and should be available to coincide with the World Cup, which should make people very happy. Now everyone else, including broadcasters, cellular providers and handset makers need to get their shit together and sort out their business models so we can try to catch up to the rest of the world. And I can watch Lost on my cellphone.


Royal Philips Electronics says watching TV on cell phones isn't just an Asian phenomenon. []

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