Phillips MC108 Hi-Fi CD Player

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Phillips appears to be trying to add a little spice into the CD player market with its MC108. While many people have moved onto iPods and iPod-based home theater systems, Phillips, whose work on the compact disc is considered to be part of the medium's invention, is hoping that combining a hip, groovy design will keep consumers playing those CDs for a few more years.


The MC108 is pretty much a bare bones Hi-Fi system that plays back CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs (wow, hello 1999). That alone isn't going to win Phillips any new fans, but the system's design may just win with the cooler-than-the-room crowd. Made out of three cubes, two of which are speakers with the third housing the backlit LCD, the MC108 lends itself to be placed at crazy, new age angles in your room, causing your friends to comment on how "far out" and "cool" you are.

Phillips' MC108, which as of now is only available in the UK, also features an FM radio and alarm clock. If anyone speaks Dutch, make sure to ask Phillips how much they're charging for their CD player, since such information is nowhere to be found on the company's Web site.


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