Phoenix's Emerald-Colored 'Cool Pavement' Will Reduce Ground Heat by 30 Degrees

The asphalt in Phoenix is turning green, and not because of a strange natural phenomenon or some environmentalist campaign. Rather, it's a solar reflective coating that can reduce ground temperatures by 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to SmartPlanet, the city of Phoenix contracted the Arizona-based company Emerald Cities Cool Pavement to cover a 90,000 sq. ft. temporary parking lot with the greenish, paint-like substance called nano-concrete. The goal is to avoid the "heat island" effect in the downtown area which happens when asphalt stores heat emanating from the sun and amplifies the temperature in the vicinity.


Temperatures in Phoenix can reach upwards of 120 degrees, and the asphalt can get as hot as 170 degrees. Reducing the ground temperature with this cool pavement coating will not only make life easier on pedestrians and bike riders in the downtown area, but will help extend the life of the asphalt, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve air quality.

The parking lot in question is currently in the process of being covered in the reflective coating and will be unveiled on June 10. [Emerald Cities Cool Pavement via Smart Planet]

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