PhoneSuit MiLi iPhone Battery Pack Review

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The Gadget: A 2000mAh battery pack for the iPhone that gives you portable juice for up to a day as well as a USB port for your other gadgets.

The Price: $80

The Verdict: Thinner than the Fastmac iV, but less charge and it doesn't come with an on-board flashlight.


Unlike the iV's 30-pin standard iPhone/iPod connector for charging itself, this uses a miniUSB solution, so you'll have to carry around/use a different charger from your standard iPhone. On the upside, it is quite a lot thinner than the iV to the point that it's possible to leave it on your phone at all times.

If you're looking for a battery pack you use for emergencies that can last you a long time, we'd recommend the iV. If you're looking for something you use daily because you often times forget to charge your phone, or if you just need a lot of power daily because you call a lot, this is a decent solution. [PhoneSuit]