Photo 365 for iPhone: Take a Picture Every Day of the Year

A lot of people try to take one picture every day of the year but fail after the first week. It's hard to remember, life gets in the way, whatever. Photo 365 gives you daily reminders and keeps 'em lookin' nice in a tidy calendar

What's it do?

It's a camera app that's main focus is to help you take one picture each day of the year. It's pretty much the project 365 idea (that your Facebook friends have probably tried doing!) in app form. The base mode is a calendar view that shows thumbnails for the days you've taken a picture and the date for the days you've yet to come across (or forgot). One tap on the date and you jump into the single picture view where you can either choose to take a new picture or use one from your camera roll. Once the picture is taken, you can add text to give the picture some context and/or share it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or e-mail.


Why do we like it?

The app is polished, the calendar view is thoughtful and the individual picture view is really well designed. There are apps that do similar things, of course, but Photo 365 is probably the best designed. Also! The daily reminders work and are helpful beyond belief (given our collective forgetfulness). If you ever wanted to try one of these photography projects, Photo 365 will help you complete the year. And you should! Even though you're just taking pictures on an iPhone camera, it'll definitely develop your photog eye and eventually make you a better picture snapper. It's also fun to look back on the year that was though (which is why it's totally lame that there's no slideshow option).

Photo 365

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The Best

Daily reminders!

The Worst

No slideshows


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