Photo Light Skateboard Enables 24-Hour SK8 Fanaticism

Illustration for article titled Photo Light Skateboard Enables 24-Hour SK8 Fanaticism

Okay SK8rZ, save up your mom's pennies, because here comes the Photo Light Skateboard, lighting up sidewalks and metal stair railings with enough LEDs to illuminate that Christmas tree sitting on the curb. Between 29 and 54 LEDs draw attention to you, but it'll cost you $110 to $200 for the privilege of riding atop all the falderal. [BeSportier]


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God, this is just ridiculous. No real boarder would ride this damn thing. Might be cool for kids or something, but adults might as well be wearing a reflector on their butt and a hello kitty fannypack. Must be disco night at the X-Games... oh wait, i forgot you can't do tricks. Can you really call it a skateboard if you can only cruise? Its a damn novelty scooter without a handle.