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Photographing Mountain Climbers Takes Balls—And Ladders—Of Steel

Illustration for article titled Photographing Mountain Climbers Takes Balls—And Ladders—Of Steel

If you're a photographer who covers extreme athletes like mountain climbers and wants to capture a moment from a unique angle, you're probably willing to take some risks yourself. Like Corey Rich's use of an incredibly precarious folding ladder tethered to the near vertical side of a mountain. Here's to hoping he wasn't working for free for the experience.


This particular behind-the-scenes moment occurred during a promotional shoot for the Nikon D4 where Corey apparently tried to match the extreme athletes stunt-for-stunt. The rig certainly led to a unique shot that you couldn't get from a helicopter, but isn't this what greenscreens were invented for? I won't tell if you won't. [Corey Rich Productions via PetaPixel via Fstoppers]


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For the first time I've seen, a Mammut team recently used a quadrocopter for some shots on Trango Tower. It's pretty awesome.