Microsoft is revving up its campaign against Google with a whole slew of merchandise. Most of which is pretty unfortunate. This campaign needs help — the kind only Photoshop-wielding internet heroes can provide.

So here's the deal: you've got from now until Monday, November 25th to whip up smarter, funnier anti-Google merchandise for Microsoft. Stuff that doesn't look like it came from a kiosk at the mall. Start with the product photos in Microsoft's online store and let the cold coal lump you call a heart guide you.


Submissions will be accepted in the comment section below, and judged on creativity, hilarity, and ability to seamlessly weave Eric Limer's face onto a coffee mug. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 26th. Sharpen up those Photoshop pencils and get to manipulatin'! [Scroogled store]