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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Photoshop Contest: Put an Apple Tablet In Your Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I have a very wet dream: Tote around an Apple tablet. Subway trains, beds, airplanes, toilets, cafes, bath, restaurants, offices, conventions... everywhere. How do you imagine it fitting in your life? Show it to everyone with an image. Here's how:

• Make or find a photo(s) that gives you the proper setting. Optionally, you may include someone using the tablet in the way you imagine it. To help you in the composition later, use a 10-inch long—in diagonal—envelope or paper notebook in the actual shot.


• Create your own Apple tablet mock-up, or use my original Photoshop file.

• Open both the photo and the mock-up in Photoshop.

• Paste the mock-up in the image you took.

• Go to the Edit menu, select "Transform > Warp."


• You will see a square appearing over the mock-up. Move the corners to match the 10-inch fake object, so the perspective is perfect. Then erase the background, clone, and mask as needed.

Of course, the images don't have to be 100% fanboy serious. It's open to everyone, believers or jesters. Just use your imagination, and send the result to with "Apple tablet in my life" in the subject line.