Image: The White House/Pete Souza
Image: The White House/Pete Souza

According to the caption on this White House photo, President Obama is watching “a virtual reality film captured during his trip to Yosemite National Park earlier this year.” But we all know that photo captions lie. So, what’s he actually watching?


The “virtual reality film” was apparently made this summer while the the First Family helped ring in the National Park Service’s 100th birthday. The White House probably wants us to believe that Obama is watching, like, nature and shit, but we know you’re more creative than that.

Do the President a solid and submit your best Photoshop job in the comments below by Monday at 9 am ET. Better make it good—the country is counting on you.

Illustration for article titled Photoshop Contest: What Is Obama Actually Watching in VR?

Sophie is a former news editor at Gizmodo.

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