Photoshop CS6 Will Easily (and Skillfully) Fake a Shallow Depth Of Field

Even though you're only shooting with the crappy camera built into your smartphone, Photoshop CS6's new Blur Gallery will easily make it look like your shots came from an expensive DSLR.


Properly faking a shallow depth of field usually involves creating and strategically masking multiple layers with various levels of blur on each of them. But in Photoshop CS6 you just specify what in your image you want kept in focus, and adjust the shape and size of the area around it that's not blurred. That's it. Just a few clicks takes you from an amateur photog to a fake Ansel Adams. [YouTube via PetaPixel]

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Judging from the rabid responses, I guess I'm alone here. Now I feel just sad: []

Or for the quick 'n' dirty, which is my steady go-to: []

Why the money, people? Is it really worth $600 just to make one tiny tweak? I honestly don't get it, when in a week or two some GNUb (<— I may have just made that up; I don't know. Either way, it's free to use, under the GNU Free Documentation License) will just cook up the appropriate add-on for free. Personally, I love GIMP and Paint.NET, and have severe trouble fathoming why people would actually pay more for a proprietary product than I usually have for a car.

The Eye of God™ from the Crystal Cathedral supports you, however, and wants you to spread some money its way, not least because it is the Eye of God™ and wants money. Please, spend more money. This message supported freely by Paint.NET (not really), in which it was created.