Scott Pilgrim:

Brie Larson talks about her character in this film:

I play Scott Pilgrim's ex-girlfriend, Envy Adams. They were in a band together, and I wanted to sell out and be the biggest band in Toronto, but he wasn't too interested, so we broke up and the band broke up and I started my own band, which becomes the hugest band in Toronto. With that, I've sold my soul to the musical devil, and I have a new voice and awesome clothes and am everywhere. I basically just haunt his existence.


She says the film is totally action-packed, and she does sing in it. [Collider]

Doctor Who:

Matt Smith says his Doctor is a bit more reckless:

He's a thrill seeker and addicted to time travel. He is the mad buffoon genius who saves the world because he's got a great heart, spirit and soul but he also doesn't suffer fools. I hope all of these things come across but I think I've also injected a bit of my own personality into the role.


[Sunday Mercury]

Also, this Doctor has "a lot of blood on his hands," says Smith. [Wired]

Smith is the first Doctor to appear on the cover of the magazine Gay Times, and fittingly writer Gareth Roberts reveals that Smith appears more or less naked in episode 11 — which I think is the one where he's separated from the TARDIS and plays a lot of football. [GallifreyNewsBase]


Karen Gillan says Amy saves the day a lot of times, and is almost an equal with the Doctor. She distrusts him, and isn't in awe of him.." "They have this really deep connection and love for each other." Also she's got a lot of one-liners. [IGN]


The second half of the season is more "aggressive" than the first half. There are significant developments in the Adama family that change your perception of stuff. The status of Graystone Industries will change drastically and so will Daniel's role, and so will the Graystones' marriage. As far as Lacy goes, we'll see more aggression, more physicality, and more of a taste for the coming war. And she'll also get more active in the STO. Meanwhile, Sister Clarice is going to take the gloves off and get more hands on — and I don't think the producers are talking about in bed with Amanda. Or are they? [L.A. Times]



John Noble talks up what to expect as the season continues. [SpoilerTV]

We'll find out that our image of Walter's wife as his saintly, put-upon partner isn't entirely inaccurate — but she has as much to do with Peter's situation as Walter does. And Nina Sharp will make her own maternal declaration. (Whose mother could she be?) [TV Guide]



The next eight episodes set up the war between the humans and the Vs, says Elizabeth Mitchell. And new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum says we'll learn more about the aliens:

You'll see different types of V's and see what a V soldier is," while learning "why a V is anatomically, psychologically different from humans: Do they have feelings? Do they have emotions? Do they feel love, pain, anger?


[USA Today]

Would you like Morena Baccarin to answer all your difficult life questions? Here you go.

And you may have noticed a new promo appearing during Lost and other shows. Here it is:


The season finale is a two-hour affair, titled "Chuck Vs. The Subway" and "Chuck Vs. The Ring Part 2." [EW]


Here are some new pics from episode 3x12, "Chuck Vs. The American Hero". [SpoilerTV]
[gallery 5501678]


Are you dying to know why all those crows died in Somalia? No? What's wrong with you? In any case, that question will be answered by next week's episode. [EW]


Stargate Universe:

Here's what happens in episode 11, "Divided":

Dr. Nicholas Rush and Chloe suffer nightmares following their ordeal on the alien vessel, and Rush suspects that a tracking device may have been placed on the ship's hull. Later, a splinter group on Destiny executes a coup with life-threatening consequences.


[TV Guide]


It's so simple, it would take a freakin genius to come up with it! The title of this show's final episode is "The End." [BuddyTV]


Keep your hanky on hand when you watch the final episodes of the show, advises Nestor Carbonell:

There's going to be major heartbreak, there's going to be some very emotional stuff coming down the pike. But the emotional stuff, the payoff will be great. When you see it, and as I read it, it made complete sense what they were doing, and they're doing it in such a beautiful way, what it needs to be. And again, without giving away too much, I think people will be fulfilled even as they may be crying.


And he confirms that Ben never spoke to Jacob — Richard was always the conduit. [E! Online]

Also, by two weeks from now, we'll learn another four-letter word that explains what the whole show is about. It has one E, no A, and it may end up connecting the island-verse and the L.A.-verse somehow. Jin and Sun are not married in the L.A.-verse. We'll see Jin shirtless on Tuesday. Smokey reveals what they need to do to leave the island. We'll find out a female character is "expendable." [E! Online]


Four new pics from next Tuesday's extravaganza, "The Package." [Lyly Ford]

Episode 15, airing May 11, is the Jacob/M.I.B. episode, and it doesn't follow the same pattern as the season's other outings. Also, Zoe the geophysicist doesn't know Daniel Faraday... yet. [TV Guide]


Here's another sneak peek from "The Package":

Producers Lindelof and Cuse reveal in their latest podcast that there may be more storms, because storms are a motif. Or a metaphor. Also, the title of "The Package" is related to the L.A.-verse Sun/Jin storyline. Jacob had other intermediaries before Richard — hence the big statue. Libby will definitely be back, and your Libby questions will be answered. Desmond should reappear soon. There'll be more Sawyer/Miles buddy cop scenes. Soon, somebody will ask the crucial question of whether the Man In Black can imitate dead people, and whether Hurley's imaginary friend "Dave" was real or not. And it's really possible that Smokey is telling the truth and Jacob is lying. [EW via SpoilersLost]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.