Picture Porter: Transfer Photos On The Go

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My shutterbug pals are always asking me to find a gadget that will let them download photos from a digital camera and replace the laptop that they have to lug on shoots. And since these folks are stationed in places like Kabul and NOLA, they usually have to carry those weighty Toughbooks around. Picture Porter might just be the answer to their prayers.

This portable media player has a 2-inch LCD screen and controls for rotating, zooming, and panning pictures, it also displays EXIF information. It grabs photos straight from the camera and has a multi-format card reader—works with CF I/II, SD Card, MMC, memory stick, MD, etc.—and USB 2.0 for transfers to the CPU. The Porter is about 5-inches by 3-inches, and comes in 20GB and 40GB sizes. The battery life is listed at 3.5 hours for video and 7.5 hours for music—that's right, it's a full-on multimedia player too. Finally, it's got TV outputs for watching the photos on screen. Price is $399. This is obviously geared to consumers, but there is probably a decent pro market for the Porter as well.

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