Pigs and wolves have a deadly food fight in a weirdly culinary Grimm

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There was one simple change in this episode of Grimm that I expect will shape the show through the end of the series. It's a fundamental shift that raises some interesting questions about Nick's dual role and responsibilities as a Grimm and a police officer — I just wish it hadn't been packed into such an otherwise inconsequential episode.


Seriously. Some Bauerschwein move into the neighborhood and start a fancy restaurant. It's all food, folks and fun until Nick and the other find a dead guy up a tree whose stomach exploded. It takes a ridiculously long amount of time before Nick et al figure out the victims all ate at the same restaurant and are all Blutbad, but from there it's a quick jump to realizing the Bauerschwein are giving all their customers free appetizers that contain mushrooms that are poisonous to Blutbad, just in case any stop by, because the pig Wesen hate the wolf Wesen, and vice versa.

Earlier in the show, Nick is still moping about that asshole he killed in the season premiere, and complains to Renard. In the best moment of the episode, Renard (basically) says, "Well then, do you want to turn yourself in for any of the Wesen you've murdered? Because you've murdered quite a lot of them so far." Suddenly, Nick has to rethink his whole worldview because it dawns on him that hey, maybe Wesen and human beings have the same rights, and maybe, just maybe, killing Wesen isn't always the right thing to do.

The pig/wolf food fight brings this conflict to the forefront. Nick can't arrest the head chef, who is knowingly and willingly murdering Blutbad, because he can't reveal the who Wesen/Grimm thing (also, it probably wouldn't hold up in court). But should he kill the Bauerschwein (played by a wasted Dan Bakkedahl) to stop him? Monroe is more than happy to kill the chef — but wouldn't that mean Nick should arrest Monroe if he does? How does he solve this? What's a Grimm to do?

The answer is "put on a little play where Nick pretends to shoot Monroe and also pretends he's willing to abandon the chef to a massing crowd of Blutbad who want to tear him to pieces." Nick tells the Baurschwein the only way he can save him is if he confesses to the murders (leaving out the whole Wesen bit), which the chef eventually does. Bad pig Wesen is arrested for his crimes, and Nick manages to solve a Wesen-related problem without killing anybody. It's a big step forward in theory, but it sort of loses its impact when it's packed into an episode about pigs killing wolves through appetizers.

Assorted Musings:

• Oh, Nick moves out of Monroe's place (I thought he already had) and Rosalee moves in (I also thought she already had).


• Oh, and also Adalind shed a blood tear when she learned Eric was dead. Seriously, that's all that happened this episode.

• Wasn't there a key that did something? A mobile home? Somebody's mom? It's all so foggy now…





Because ants or something did the same after eating the mushroom?...

Whoa, yeah that episode was like the air movement you feel on your face after a butterfly farts into the sunset. No surprises, no twists and how long does it take for the bad bad guys to notice that Frau Pech is sehr sehr tot (very very dead).

The "put on a little play" was just using a bad trope. How about using the conflict with Monroe in a more interesting way? Have Nick improvising and pressuring the Bauerschwein into confessing, then Monroe calms down. He saves him from getting ripped to pieces after one attack and takes him back the the precinct. Maybe the Bauerschwein hears Blutbaden howling while in the police station?

"You are free to go, just walk out the door...".

At least the beaver guy showed up ^^

I'm wondering... is the french that occasionally is spoken on the show as weird to native speakers as the german?

Es klingt schon ziemlich seltsam manchmal.