You may already be familiar with's standalone app that lets you and your friends stream and listen to music together, but their newest offering for iOS is a different kind of music-sharing beast altogether.


What does it do?

Just like practically every other music sharing app on the market, you can pull up any number of stations that will stream the specially tailored music of your choosing into your discerning ears. The difference with Piki, though, is that the tunes rolling in are coming from stations your friends and other users have recommended. You can even provide a reaction that will go on to tweak other users' experiences in the future.


Why do we like it?

Most music streaming services rely on their claims of "professional curators" and otherwise verified music buffs to reel in a client base in a market becoming increasingly overpopulated with apps that are essentially clones of one another. What sets Piki apart, though small, is the fact that your experience is being altered by your choices, yes, but also those of your friends—the ones who, hopefully, know you best.



Download this app for:

The Best:

Sharing music with friends

The Worst:

Friends with shitty taste