Pinterest Is Tumblr for Ladiez

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Quick! Name the most perplexing social site you can think of. If you are a dude, it is probably Pinterest.


Pinterest is a social network, like everything else one talks about on the internet nowadays. It's "a virtual pinboard" that "allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web." It is also mostly used by women who are between the ages of 28 and 34, according to their Compete demographics from like six months ago, which pegged 54 percent of its users as women—but it's probably even higher now, based on anecdotal evidence.

In other words, it's Tumblr for ladies*.

Here's what it looked like when we tried to discuss it in Campfire.

Sam B. I don't get it at all
matt it's like rarified tumblr
Barrett you've got those pinterest pheromones
Mat H. matt it is for ladies
matt like if you distilled a blog down
you'd get a tumblr
and if you distilled tumblr, you'd get pinterest
like how deep does the rabbit hole go
Sam B. how do I even add things
this is so confusing
Casey C. am i dumb for not knowing pinterest
Kristen P. Pinerest is awesome actually
Mat H. SEE!
Sam B. how do I follow you kristen
will you pin me kristen

But no, really.

*It's okay, I can say things, I have a degree in ladies. (No really.) Also, the z in ladiez mean I'm being ironical. Sort of. But no one else should say this.


Kajigger Me Timbers

My fiancée joined Pinterest solely to browse and share ideas for the wedding. Every day, she comes at me with a new OMG-look-at-this-thing and I just shake my head. After a couple weeks of this nonsense, I finally succumbed and joined a couple days ago.

It ties into Facebook, so of course as soon as I joined I started getting notifications that some of my friends were following me on Pinterest. Of course, it was all of my *female* friends. Now I feel like an emasculated fool.