Pioneer Bragging About its "World's Thinnest" Plasma HDTV at CES 2008

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Big TV wars have gone on for ages, but the Thin TV wars are just starting up. I just found out that Pioneer is making a 9mm thick HD Plasma TV which it planned to reveal at CES 2008, but was inadvertently leaked by the BBC earlier this week (story now down). Those dimensions mean the TV is thinner than a deck of cards and they're claiming "world's thinnest" although we've no idea of whether or not the Plasma will pack any of that top-line Kuro tech.

Also the weird silent film above shows that much of the set does look 9mm thick but there is a large portion which does look thicker. Although 20mm thin LCDs from Sharp and thin-border Toshiba LCDs impressed us last year, these could be the first to hit our shores. Sources close to the company confirmed the leak was real and not the result of some BBC intern dreaming up gadgets for fun and hitting "publish" by mistake. More from the show, where we'll undoubtedly see more of this set. [Thanks Tipster X]