Toshiba's New Regza LCD TV's Bezel Touted as World's Thinnest

Toshiba's been shipping its Cinema Series Regza LCD 1080p displays for a while now, but we just wanted to show you the newest member of that club, with the thinnest bezel we've seen yet. Check out this 46-incher, with a .9-inch border around the outside that Toshiba is calling SNB, or Super Narrow Bezel.

Looks pretty cool, and gives you mostly screen, thus taking up less overall space. Hey, now you can fit a 40-inch TV into a hole that once was only big enough for a 37-incher. The 40-inch 40RF350 will be $1899.99, and the 46-inch 46RF350U will cost you $2499.99, both shipping later this month.


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