Pioneer Denies Combo Blu-ray/HD DVD Burner Plans

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We reported last Friday that Pioneer was planning to release its BDR-103 burner as a combo HD DVD/Blu-ray drive, but now the company denies any such thing. A Pioneer rep said his comments made to the press last week were "taken out of context," and when asked if the company had any plans to support such a combo drive, he responded:

"Currently we have no plans to do so..... however, Pioneer will monitor the market situation with other formats and will consider to adopt those formats as and where the market is demanding it".

So the saga continues. It's one more denial after false hopes were raised, but we're still thinking this combo player is inevitable, and all it will take is just a substantial payment to Sony to make it a reality. Only problem is, that payment might need to be a few zillion dollars, and might only work when Sony has nearly starved itself out of existence by mulishly standing by yet another dopey idea.


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