Pioneer MT-01 Power Line Sound System: Music Everywhere, Motion Controlled

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Did you know your home is like the Internets, with its own series of tubes? The Pioneer MT-01 Power Line Sound System lets you pump music through those tubes, using up to six of the speakers plugged into electric outlets all over the house. The speakers lie in wait until you walk in, when their energy-saving motion sensors automatically crank up that music from your choice of two sound sources they're receiving from their mother ship, called the Sound Station.

The speakers are sold separately, and the standard package bundle gives you the sound station, one large network speaker powered by a 2x25-watt amp, and a small 5-watt network speaker along with a keyring-sized remote control. You can connect just about any audio device into the sound station's five inputs, including a couple of USB inputs for memory sticks or USB thumb drives, a front iPod-style audio input and two analog RCA inputs for your stereo system.


Now your house will be filled with music, but just don't forget to turn this contraption off before you go to bed. Imagine that motion-controlled music blasting at 3am when you get up to pee—household geek turns to goat in a few nocturnal steps. Available in just a week or two, price is yet to be announced.

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