Pioneer S-1EX-LTD Affordable, Not Gimped Speakers

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Pioneer is releasing the S-1EX-LTD, a pair of speakers that share much of the same fancy audio technology as their TAD-M1, but for about one-fifth of the price. The speakers have a response range of 28Hz to 100kHz and can output up to 89.5dB. There's a whole host of other, audiophile-friendly terms, but for normal human beings, many of these numbers mean very little. Plus, Pioneer has a habit of using weird metaphors in their press releases that aren't exactly kind to machine translation. Just know that Pioneer is touting the speaker's signal-to-noise ratio and something called "Acoustic Balance Drive," which "holds down the occurrence of the unnecessary standing wave inside the enclosure of speaker system." Why are speakers so complicated?

The S-1EX-LTD will be released late October for around $5,300 per speaker.

Press Release (in Japanese) [Pioneer via Akihabara News]