Needless to say, if you have the cash to drop on a Pirates of the Caribbean themed home theater, getting booty probably isn't your problem—financially or sexually. For owners Paul and Emily Konold, the motivation wasn't to impress or even to pay homage to the movie franchise, it was all about recreating the fun they experienced on the original ride at Disneyland.


Still, the design incorporates scenes from both the ride and the movie, and it includes a significant amount of hand-made detail—like the arch murals that were painted by a 13-year old artist and former student of Emily's. There is even a bar at the back of the theater decked out like a true pirate watering hole. As for the technical specs, the Konolds included a 16:9 screen with a custom masking system to make the setup 2.35:1 (the format of all Disney movies). For a closer look, hit the gallery at E-House. [Electronic House]