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Piss-Screen Urinal Game Discourages Drunk Driving

Illustration for article titled Piss-Screen Urinal Game Discourages Drunk Driving

Forget the Wiimote, this humble German-engineered device houses a racing game controlled by your powerful stream of urine. Designed to promote taxis as an alternative to drunk driving, the Piss-Screen shocks drunkards with a brutal car crash when they inevitably ram their virtual roadster into oncoming traffic. Apparently if you're too drunk to play a video game with your junk, you're too drunk to drive home. Don't have to pee? Try the web-based game, which isn't limited by your bladder volume. [The Piss-Screen via Geekologie]


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It's too bad stuff like this will never show up in America. It's a nice way to help get drunk drivers off the road, though I'm not sure how effective it really will be. I wonder if it would be possible to make a female version for toilets, I'm not sure how well women can control their streams though.