Pizza Calculator Is Probably the Most Useful iPhone Application Yet

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Seriously. Forget copy and paste, forget Bluetooth file transfer, and forget Yelp. The Pizza Calculator is the iPhone killer application, and a must for Giz's Pizza bingos. Come on people, this is just beautiful.


If you have ordered pizza for many people, you would love this:

• Input the ingredients for person 1 from a list of over 25 toppings.
• Add another person and repeat until you are done.
• Click on calculate.
• Select how much pizza each person wants to eat (just to keep things on the safe side-specially with Gizmodo readers in Gizmodo Gallery parties-add two extra slices per person).


Click to viewDone. The Pizza Calculator will optimize the ingredients and pizza combinations and give you an ordering list so everyone is satisfied and there are no leftovers (although cold leftovers with Coke the next morning make for a Breakfast of Champions). [The Pizza Calculator]