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There is nothing uncool about this wireless earbuds concept from Plantronics called Versa. The design uses a miniaturized base outfitted with Bluetooth to connect to your cellphone, and RF to connect to the actual earbuds. Plantronics claims this technology is only "a year or two out from being ready to launch," but don't chuck your old buds just yet. The design comes in three styles: long, slim and metallic for men; a chrome necklace design for women; and a universal necklace/clip combo with colored anodized aluminum for teens. The design firm One & Co, creators of the Nike Triax and the PalmOne Zire 72, first unveiled this concept a few months back โ€” but no one seems to have noticed until now!

Update: One & Co actually created the third generation Nike Triax. The original is from none other than Astro Studios.


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