Plasma HDTV Sales Soar, LCD Sales Steady, Sony Loses Ever More Market Share

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HDGuru has some notes from the now-concluded second quarter HDTV sales, and they show some interesting movement: With dirt-cheap prices, high end plasmas (42"-50") surged almost 40%, though LCD sales merely held steady. The big loser? Sony.

Total plasma sales went up 31% compared to the first quarter, mostly due to the high value attached to them in this economic downturn. In terms of LCDs, Vizio continues its hold as the number 1 maker, and in fact grew their market share, as did Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic. Sony, unfortunately, lost more than 3% of the market—a huge piece of its share—though the Japanese giant did retain its third place position. Check out HDGuru for more info and analysis of the numbers. [HDGuru]