Plasma-Lift Conference Table Does a Leno-Like Sprout of a 42-Inch Plasma Display

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When it comes to official meeting spaces, many companies spare no expense, so those free spenders will probably love this fancy-schmancy Plasma-Lift Conference Table with a 42-inch plasma display popping up like a boner at the behest of the CEO or his minions. You'd think for $25,000, they could at least go with solid wood, but this is a lacquered veneer finish on this big 400-lb table. Anyway, it has a nice rack underneath for computers, componentry and such. Other niceties include a built-in camera, speakers and microphones for conferencing of all types. Now if those sitting around the table could just think of something worthwhile to say, this would be a worthy workplace tool. [D+S Sound Labs, via Born Rich and via DVICE]