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Now there's a way to listen to your iTunes on a Nintendo Wii, by using a clever workaround involving the Opera browser. Unless Apple breaks this functionality on its next update of iTunes, you can install a little application called dot.Tunes on your Mac or PC, and then you can access all those tunes in your collection through the Opera browser on your Wii.

Oh yeah, the best part of this is that all of that crappy DRM on those iTunes songs is not going to stop you from using your Wii as a music player, either. The only downside? The dot.Tunes application isn't free, although you get a free demo for 15 days. But if you pay for it during the demo period, it'll only cost you $15; it's $30 after the demo period has expired. It's a music player, too? There's yet another reason to line up for a Wii.


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