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Play iPhone and iPad Games on Your TV With Griffin's PartyDock

Illustration for article titled Play iPhone and iPad Games on Your TV With Griffins PartyDock

The non-stop product leak service kindly provided by the FCC has delivered another gem today, with Griffin's iPhone and iPad "PartyDock" popping up for certification. If you can't get enough of plastic gaming accessories, your luck's in.


The PartyDock comes with four wireless controllers, which allow up to four gamers to play (Griffin-brand only) games on iPhone and iPad. If you think four people huddling around an iPhone screen is a bit of a crazy idea you're quite right—PartyDock logically also includes support for sending its video out to a TV through composite and component connections.

The FCC's PDF of the manual also revealed a URL for the games—but that's currently password protected, pending the official announcement. PartyDock apparently comes with three free ones pre-loaded for your rough approximation of fun—Midway Motors, Fishing Frenzy and Flippin' Frogs. [FCC via Wireless Goodness via Ubergizmo]

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Reminds me of when I had my iPhone jailbroken and used it to play nintendo games on my TV via TVOut2 using a wii remote.