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Stuck with a measly 20GB hard drive on your shiny new PS3? It's easy to replace that with a hefty 120GB, or even 160GB drive. The guys at GamersReports show us exactly how it's done, a process whose most complicated operation is the selection of the drive itself.

If you get yourself a 2.5-inch notebook SATA hard drive ($94-$160, depending on capacity), preferably one which runs at 5400RPM, the mini-guide shows you how to remove the PS3's original drive and replace it with a new one. Don't be fooled by the article's reference to a "2.5mm" drive—methinks that would be a wee bit small.


The final (and incredibly easiest) step, after the jump.

After that, it's a simple matter of formatting the drive, and except for game saves, everything you need to run the PS3 will be placed on your voluminous new drive. Now if you could turn that PS3 into a 1080p personal video recorder, you might actually need all that extra disk space.


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