PlayStation 3 Melee Watch: Rapists, Wii, and Smashing Edition

Jackholes come in threes, and that's no exception for the PS3 melee madness. Our jerkbag is a suspected rapist who escaped from a University of kentucky Hospital only to go to Best Buy in order to buy a PS3. People were suspicious when they saw a man who fit the escapee's description. The description: boxer shorts and tennis shoes.

After the jump: PS3 smashing, and a gigantic Wii.

In the tradition of douchebags smashing electronics everywhere, SmashmyPS3 dresses up in a pimp outfit, buys a PS3, then smashes it to the horror of line-standers everywhere (especially there). See video to witness said horror.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

A guy from 1up decided it would be funny to take his gigantic Wii costume, go to Best Buy, and flip off all the campers. He was right.

Guy Flips off PS3 Campers [Gamebrink]

1up Guy [1up]

Escaped rape suspect arrested at Best Buy [Kentucky]


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