PlayStation 3 Violence Continues Katana-Style

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It's been a month since our last entry in PlayStation 3 Melee Watch, but this most recent instance involves Katanas. Apparently, some home invasionist came knocking on a door in search of a PlayStation 3 (Blu-ray fanatic?), but met with Damien Fernandez and his Katana.


After jumping out of bed and stabbing the intruder in the chest, the two of them ran out of the house, into the street, with Damien chasing after him with the sword. Everything ended peacefully when a K-9 officer found the burglar hiding in a palm tree.


Teen Scares Off Burglar With Samurai Sword [Local10]

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As of October 2005, Floridians are allowed to use deadly force to prevent a "forcible felony." It makes no difference whether you're in your house, in a movie theater, or on the street. If you're in a place you have a right to be, deadly force is authorized.

Not only can you not be prosecuted if it's found that you had a reasonable belief you were in danger, but you're also protected from civil liability.… has details.

Yeah, we're a pretty screwed up state.