PlayStation Cases, The Tools of International Espionage

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Harold Nicholson was a CIA operative convicted of espionage for selling CIA identities to Russia. Since 1997, he's been in jail. But allegedly, his son Nathan has carried on the family business...


According to prosecutors, Nathan's father taught him the ways of spydom from jail over his cellphone UPDATE: from his cell (duh), coaching Nathan through meetings with Russian agents in Mexico, Peru and Cyprus. And then, there was the issue of how to handle the money.

...Nathan Nicholson, a former Army paratrooper, had returned from his visits with the Russians with at least $35,000 in cash, some of it in a PlayStation video game case. The money was intended in part to settle a “pension” that Harold Nicholson said was owed him from his days as a C.I.A. spy for the Russians before his arrest in 1996, the prosecutors said.

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putting it in a X360 would be more cost effective. Then again, who in their right mind would try to steal a ps3!?