Please Don't Tell Me the Galaxy Nexus Comes Preloaded with Verizon Crapware

The best thing about Google's Nexus line is that it's supposed to be Google's pure vision of what an Android phone should be. The reference phone for the HTCs, Motorolas and Samsungs of the world to copy. It's supposed to be clean, set standards and lead the pack. SO WHY THE HELL DOES THE GALAXY NEXUS COME PRELOADED WITH CRAPPY VERIZON APPS.

Dumb. From the looks of the tutorial video about the Galaxy nexus above, My Verizon Mobile and Backup Assistant are both included in the phone. They're both not VCAST bad but it definitely sullies the Nexus brand. There was trust that when you bought a Nexus phone, you'd get a "Googlephone" without any interference, carrier or otherwise. So yeah, I'm a little annoyed. But I'll get over it because Ice Cream Sandwich comes with that sweet disable apps feature (among other things). I'm blasting those apps into oblivion the first second I get my Nexus.

In better news! Google just released the full spec sheet of the Galaxy Nexus and though most of it has been already known, the battery is a beefier 1850mAh (the Galaxy SII was 1650mAh). This slight increase, when compared to the 1750mAh battery of the International Galaxy Nexus means the US version is half a millimeter thicker. I would definitely take that tradeoff for improved battery life. You can check out the full specs here. Now can we buy this phone already? [Galaxy Nexus via Droid Life via TechCrunch]


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Mountains out of mole hills. "OMG, it has TWO (actually useful, but erm) TWO VERIZON APPS! OMG I am never getting this phone they totally RUINED it!"

Relax, chief. You will be able to uninstall, or at the very least, hide them and stop them from taking up resources/running the background.

I just love when this site makes a huge deal out of things like this, but then totally glosses over moderate-to-major issues with the iPhone.