Please Port More Old Games Like The 7th Guest To My Phone

While I was checking out The 7th Guest for iPhone, the one thing I couldn't help but think was: Why is this so much faster now than when I played it 17 years ago on a PC?


It's entirely possible that my computer was insanely slow back then. It's also possible that they've sped up the animations, because people can't be bothered to watch a five-second transition to get from the kitchen to the main staircase. Or, it could just be that the iPhone 4 is actually an assload faster compared the machines that ran this game back in 1993.

The 7th Guest is notable because it was it was one of the first games to be on CDROM, and one of the first ones to be comprised almost fully of FMV sequences, with CG puzzles. And it was really, really scary. I think 12-year-old Jason, playing this game in the dark, had to stop on more than one occasion just to not get freaked out.

The game translates well to the iPhone, except that sometimes the puzzles are a bit hard to click on, because they're slightly tiny for the screen. Otherwise, man, playing this game again brings back a lot of memories. It's just $3 for the iPhone version (seriously!?) and $6 for the iPad version. If you have an iPad, you should go for that one, for the increased size. I don't think I actually finished The 11th Hour, so I'm waiting eagerly for that to hit iOS. [iPhone via iPad]



For some reason - this game makes me think of Babbage's (perhaps because that was a mall store dedicated to games like this).