Ploom modelTwo E-Cig Review: Welcome to Flavor Country

No one's going to argue that e-cigarettes aren't a marked improvement over their analog predecessors, but there's got to be a better way to get your fix than by inhaling aerosolized, nicotine-infused polypropylene glycol. The Ploom 2 is that better way.

What Is It?

The Ploom 2 is an e-cigarette, from the makers of the awesomesauce Pax, that vaporizes actual tobacco rather than polypropylene glycol.


Who's It For?

People looking for a more traditional smoking experience from their e-cig—that is, actually taking a break and going outside on their smoke break as opposed to chain-puffing it indoors.


And you thought the Pax was sleex. The Ploom modelTwo looks almost alien. Its glossy plastic exterior has just the one power button, which is ringed by an LED status light (it stops flashing when it's ready to use). The Li-ion battery sits below the heating element, farthest from the screw-off mouthpiece.


Using It

The Ploom modelTwo employs tiny button-shaped tobacco pods. Give the mouthpiece a quarter turn to remove it, place the pod in the heating chamber, reinstall the mouthpiece, and turn the Ploom modelTwo on. It takes about 20-30 seconds to heat up. Each tobacco pod is designed to be smoked, all at once, over a five to ten minute period, rather than being steadily puffed on over an extended period of time. You know, like a real cigarette.


The Best Part

The vapor is great, thick and milky, almost like actual smoke and a hell of a lot better than the weak contrails you get from other e-cigarettes. The tobacco pods come in a variety of flavors, from straight tobacco to chocolate and mint. I prefer unflavored myself, just as a matter of course, but the cinnamon-flavored Rocket variety and the Golds (below) were surprisingly good too.


Tragic Flaw

There's no real easy way to hold the Ploom modelTwo in your mouth (unless you gnash on the mouthpiece with your incisors) so this thing is always in your hand. Plus the heating element is just beyond the mouthpiece and can get lip-scorching hot.


This Is Weird...

I find myself actually smoking less when using the modelTwo versus the V2 I used to use. I don't just mindlessly puff away at my desk like a schmuck but actually enjoy the smoke instead of just getting the nic fix.


Test Notes

  • The unit recharges on a USB-powered vertical stand.
  • You can smoke about five pods per charge, recharging takes less than an hour
  • Pod flavors: Gold - hints of honey and cognac, Rocket - hot cinnamon, Orchard - peach, Kick-Ass Mint - peppermint, Jaybird - smooth tobacco, Potrero - intense tobacco

Should I Buy It?

Yes. It's the best smoke I've had outside of actually smoking.

Ploom modelTwo Specs

  • Dimensions: 5-inches L x 1-inch D
  • Weight: a couple of ounces
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Price: $40 at Ploom

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