Pocket Legends, a Rad 3D MMO, Comes to Android

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Spacetime Studios' Pocket Legends is one of our favorite MMOs for iOS, and today Android users will be able to get in on the action, too. Now people can't call you antisocial when you're playing around on your phone!

The Android version makes Pocket Legends the first cross-platform 3D MMO, so iPhone users and Androiders will finally be able to peacefully coexist, launching campaigns and amassing inventory in virtual harmony. At least in theory.

The app's free to download with a slew of in-game purchases for new campaigns and such, and it'll run on all devices running Android 2.1 or higher. You can grab a copy over at Pocket Legends later today. And there's always the iOS version, too, if you're just late to the game. [Pocket Legends]