Pocket Speaker to Put Shirt Pockets Back in the Game

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While pocket protectors were once the rallying icon uniting geeks in universal zealotry, the clever t-shirt movement coupled with more stable pen engineering has made a whole generation of us forget our front pocket roots. But there's a remedy.


This pocket speaker, only $22 and the price of a few AAs, connects to music players through a 3.5mm headphone jack to provide 2 channels of 0.5W sound. Available in many fluorescent colors that will attract onlookers and bees to your breast, the only missing element in the new pocket movement is the proper theme music. Hopefully our commenters can come up with some good suggestions not by Rick Astley or John Williams. [AbilityCreate via Newlaunches]

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Hello Mister Walrus

I furthermore predict that the next big thing will be "portable smells". We already carry electronic devices around that stimulate us aurally and visually. Portable olfactory stimulus is the next logical step. I look forward to the first "SmellPod" with smelling tubes that I will be able to jam into my nostrils.

Eventually, we will have smell devices without personal tubes, so I can spread my favorite smells to everyone around me in public. I'm telling you - this is the next multi-billion dollar industry.

And in the even more distant future, we might have "TastePods" - devices that we can put into our mouths to obtain a variety of tastes. Since by then, we would already have personal portable speakers and SmellPods without tubes, the taste-based parallel would be a device with an attachment that I would be allowed to shove into other peoples' mouths. This way, I will be able to let people know what my favorite tastes are, in addition to my favorite music and my favorite smells. Individuality is such a great thing.