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Take it from someone with experience, get the Pocket Viewer no matter how good you think your eyesight is. I recently got screwed over by a moving company who broke my 61" HDTV, thanks to missing some small print.

If only I had the Pocket Viewer then, I could have seen the small print and avoided the trouble I'm in now. It has a nice 4" x 3" display that magnifies up to 7x actual size. All you have to do is place the Pocket Viewer on top of what ever it is you want to magnify. In my case a document, but in your case Sherlock maybe it's a photo of a possible crime. Feel free because the Pocket Viewer has 3 different viewing modes including full color, text, and high contrast. I can't imagine who would need the high contrast mode, considering the image is already being blown up to 7x it's original size, but who am I to judge.


The Pocket Viewer will run you a staggering $899, but that's much cheaper then the couple grand I'll have to pay to replace my ailing HDTV.

Pocket Viewer [first STREET]