PocketGuitar Lets You Kick Out Riffs With Your iPhone

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You were born to rock, and to help you live dream, Shinya Kasatani has released PocketGuitar for the iPhone and iPod touch, which turns your device into a touchscreen guitar. The application looks insanely great, and we cannot believe it has taken humanity this long to realize the true destiny of the iPhone. It makes so much sense now; it is the guitar of the future, sent back to destroy enemies of rock music.


If your not feeling up to an acoustic solo session, fret not, well actually, you will need to fret, but you can do all your fretting alongside music that is already stored on your iPhone. That's right, you can be Hendrix. Man, you are so in to the music, you are Hendrix. That some heavy, insane music philosophy right there. To get your fingers strumming, launch Installer and follow these instructions: Installer > Sources > Add http://podmap.net/apps to your repositories. PockeGuitar is filed under the Toys category. If this takes off in a big way, expect iPhone finger board extension peripherals to drop soon. We can't wait. [PocketGuitar via Mobilewhack]

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I'm trying to think (hard), but I'm having a hard time imagining anything more potentially annoying, lame, and completely douchebaggish than pulling out my iPhone during an informal meeting or water-cooler conversation at work and casually playing Stairway to Heaven, nodding my head along with my awesomely creative phonetunes.

Yeah, I need this.